What Did You Do To Your Hair? Part Two

17 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

I wanted to continue my discussion of what did you do to your hair. I left off talking about getting a perm and the reason I stopped. There is a phase most Naturals go through, maybe not even a phase, where you get the question or some version of the question What Are You Doing to Your Hair? Right now I find this funny. What ever do you mean, what am I doing to My hair and why does it matter to you so much? Sometimes I can get really defensive, sometimes I sense that it is a genuine question and not a put down. I have different reactions. My point is that hair there is this idea that hair is not that important, I mean– it’s just hair, right? But from the reaction I got when I decided not go natural, my just hair, I came to the conclusion that it is much deeper than that. I’m not going to go into the specifics today. My goal in starting this blog is creating a community where Naturals can find reassurance, get tips, and get encouragement. Actually, Permanents can come as well, anyone can come. It’s just that I’m a Natural so that is my focus. I don’t want Permanents to think I’m “haten”. I’m not a hater, I love all people. The one thing I love about African-American hair is that we can wear so many different hair styles– it’s a beautiful thing.

So, I think you have notice by now that I have been referring to woman with natural hair as Naturals and woman with perms as Permanents. Please don’t be offended by this. I just wanted to come up with an easy way to describe our hair instead of saying the whole thing every time. Also, this is not Naturals vs. Permanents contest. I want to make sure that everyone feels included. I will admit that I dislike perms, but Not the people who wear them. So Permanents I will warn you may feel like this is biased, but you are still loved. I hope you all enjoy because we are going to have some fun!

-Defy Gravity!


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