Tuesday Tip with Dr.Natural

2 Mar

Locs versus Dreadlocs


Which of these are the pictures of dreadlocks?  Maybe you guessed the one on the right.What you may not know is that both of them started their same way. They are both Rastafarian where it is against their religion to use a comb, literally. Since they can not put a comb to their head, they did what is called “free form”. You may notice that Lauryn Hill’s locs (picture on the left) look more tamed, while the Rastafarians don’t. The point here is that the look of the locs is not what makes them dreadful, but it is the word itself. When you hear the word “dread” it sounds negative. So the difference between locs and dreadlocks is the fact that dreadlocks have a negative connotation. The tip of the day is to stop referring to your hair as dreadlocks, they are lovely not dreadful.



2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip with Dr.Natural”

  1. Arteest March 3, 2011 at 5:35 PM #

    In all my years of referring to locks as dreadlocks, I never even thought to associate them with the actual meaning of the word dread. It’s crazy cause I never noticed the negative connotation until you pointed it out in this post. I guess I just always know them as dreadlocks, so I never made the connection. But I can definitely see why you would want them to simply be referred to as locks now that I’ve read your post. Good stuff!


  1. Your Dreadlocks Reek Of Mildew | Walter Kitty's Diary - April 13, 2011

    […] Tuesday Tip with Dr.Natural (afrohaircentrik.wordpress.com) […]

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