Tuesday’s Tip With Dr. Natural

12 Apr
angela davis

Image by gaelx via Flickr

The Good Side of Natural hair

I find myself writing a lot  about the negativity I received about being natural, but it wasn’t always negative. I didn’t constantly get a stream of “what did you do to your hair” or you need to get a perm. It’s just that the negative sticks out in my memory the most. It is what effected me; made me feel inadequate.

There was one time in high school when I decided to rock my fro one day. This, of course was my pre-loced days and I got so many mixed reactions. I got called everything from Ben Wallace, the basket ball player with the side ways afro, to Jill Scott and Angela Davis (power to the people). There were also people who told me they loved my hair and encouraged me to stay true to myself and don’t listen to everybody.

One positive thing about my hair is that it’s thick. When people would tell me I had thick hair, many times that referred to nappy, but other times it meant my hair was full and healthy. I would rather have “thick” hair than hair that is balding (no offense to anyone who is going through this). Part of the reason I stopped getting perms was because my hair was thinning. What about you, what is the good side of being natural for you? Why are you natural?

Tuesday’s Tip

Although tempting, try to focus on the positive aspects of your hair more than the negative. In fact you can apply this principle to your whole life.


One Response to “Tuesday’s Tip With Dr. Natural”

  1. mwhite1 April 12, 2011 at 5:24 PM #

    I left my hair natural for a long time. But as I grew older, the blonde started getting darker and I felt I did not stand out as much as I wanted to. So I chose to start getting high lights. Now while I love the color, getting it done professionally can be pretty expensive. So when I switched to box dyes (much better cost-wise) my hair started to become very dry and not as fine as it was previously. I almost wish I had just left it alone as I would not have to deal with the hassel.

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