Not About Hair

27 Apr

Via Be Real Teen

Hey guess what everyone. I failed my test to become a Maryland Life  Insurance Producer. Isn’t that just great! So today I would like to divert from my main subject and vent.

I’m  a senior in college   hoping to  graduate in December. I’m 22 years old, a full-time student, and an intern — translation, I’m 22 years old and broke.  I missed my Tuesday Tip yesterday, and while I was waiting for the bus this morning, it came and drove right past me without stopping!  I will let you fill in the blank about how I felt. (Do you hear those violins?)

Regardless, I don’t feel as bad as I would if I sat in a corner and whined about this all day.  I do feel crappy, but I learned from Search for Significance by Robert McGee that my worth isn’t measured by my performance.

So, since I didn’t post a Tuesday Tip, I leave you guys with this advice– instead of complaining about shortcomings, focus on what you can do.

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