Tuesday’s Tip!

10 May
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Whenever you do something different from the norm, people will treat you like you are crazy. I am what is called a pescatarian, meaning I’m not vegetarian because I choose to eat seafood. In order to avoid high blood pressure, which runs in my family, I decided to change my diet. I am not an advocate for “end cruelty to animals,”  nor will I try to convince anyone to change their diet. Besides, nothing I can say can make someone change, they need to be convinced in their own mind. The funny part is, sometimes people are so abominate about  what I eat.

I can understand when I get reactions like “OMG!…you don’t eat meat! How do you get your nutrients!”  Because  those people may have thought I said I’m going to starve myself, so they are just showing concern. Although meat is the main course in America dishes, other food has nutrients, such as  whole grains, fruits, legumes, and vegetables.

The point I’m trying to make is a variety of food available, not only meat. Most would agree they want control over their diet; just like  there is a variety of hairstyles, and most people want control of that too ( I have to bring it back to topic). Honestly, I’m preaching to myself because I am the first person to criticize, but I’m learning that the more I let others be, the less self-conscious I am. So who cares if they, whoever they are, thinks I’m crazy for being a “pescetarian”.

I ventured off into another topic because food is my new topic. Oh, I will still talk about hair, but now I’m broadening my horizons or maybe this is just a temporary thing because I’m doing the Master Cleanse.


It’s a waste of time to concern yourself with other people’s habits, focus on your own habits.


2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tip!”

  1. Belinda May 17, 2011 at 12:14 AM #

    I used to be a pescatarian! I did it because of the “end animal cruelty” spiel, but it didn’t last longer than two years… now i’m back to guilty carnivorousness. 😦 Eating little/no meat really is AMAZING for your health, though; i always feel so energetic and light when i go without it!

    • Afro May 17, 2011 at 10:14 PM #

      That’s good. Two years is a pretty long time to me and it seems you go without meat from time to time. Don’t feel bad, from what I read in health books, it’s okay to eat meat from time to time.

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