14 Jun

Hello Lovelies,

The Muse

I haven’t posted anything in about a month, but it doesn’t feel that way. There is nothing that has kept me from posting except  pure laziness. I don’t know about you, but procrastination has been the choice I opted for lately.

I felt guilty during this break. I had to question if becoming a writer is something I really want to do or something I am forcing myself to do. I learned from  Steven King‘s book On Writing, that if I have a passion for it, then it wouldn’t feel like a chore. Blogging hasn’t felt like a chore, it’s just that sleeping for half the day and watching movies for the other half has been more appealing. Lately, I just haven’t had inspiration. My lack of inspiration caused me  to really wonder if I was fit to be a writer.

King did write about a fairy tale like creature he called the muse who is supposed to bring inspiration. The topic of inspiration came up on Sunday at church when my pastor, Deron Cloud, asked everyone to stand up if they have been procrastinating. I was surprised to see all the people who stood up. I realize that I was not alone in the way I felt. The last thing he told us was to write a list of the things we wouldn’t do and start doing them. He said “stop waiting for inspiration because you won’t get it!” King wrote something similar,  prompting readers to write and not wait for “the muse” because he/she doesn’t show up often.

Right now I feel more inspired to get something to eat, particularly to go to the mall and get some snicker doodle cookies. Instead, I choose to do one of the things on my “don’t feel like it”  list. Although I haven’t felt my muse in a while, I do enjoy writing. Besides school papers, writing doesn’t feel like a chore to me. Just because I don’t feel my muse everyday doesn’t mean I should reconsider my career. I am just going through a normal phase in life when I have to push past “I don’t feel like it” and just do it.

Today I leave you with this, as Deron told us to write a list and start doing it, I tell you the same thing. Stop waiting for your muse because he/she will probably not show up anytime soon.

Dr. Natural aka Jahmella Simmons


Remember Beautiful Hair Defies Gravity


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