Finding Contentment

20 Jun

Am I the only one who has had difficult situations lately. When I write about difficult situations I don’t mean financial troubles, I’m just referring to being forced out of my comfort zones. For example, as a result of my internet not working, instead of being in my quiet room writing, I have to do it in a noisy library (yes noisy library, you read right) while on a time limit.

Lately, I have been  trying to be content with what I have. This is hard when I’m use to certain things. I’m so privileged (not to be mistaken with rich) that a trip to the library annoys me. My goal is to get to a point where no matter what the situation I am content.

One area that I have reach that point is with my hair. Being happy with my hair was not an easy journey. I’ve had good hair days in my eyes where others would tease me about it; good hair days where  people gave me compliments; and worse hair days where I felt like I would rather die than go out with my hair looking the way it did. Now, no matter what, even on days when I feel my hair looks ‘bad’, it doesn’t effect my mood. One practice that has helped me with my hair is positive affirmations. I tell myself my hair is beautiful and lovely.

It took me years of positive affirmations  to be comfortable with my hair. At the same time, I think it will take some time for me to be content in any situation. Contentment does not mean comfortable or happy. Instead, contentment has to do with satisfaction and acceptance of the situation.  In situations to practice positive affirmations like I did with my hair,  I attempt to think about abilities instead of limitations. Sounds like something from a self-help book doesn’t it? Well, it worked with my hair, why wouldn’t it work with in ‘difficult’ situations. What about you, what do you do to either accept yourself or over come hard times?


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