Why Hair?

Why would anyone write about hair? And natural hair for that matter. My response is this why not hair? I took a class in Spring 2011 called Writing for the Blogosphere. Of course from the title you might have guessed that I had to create a blog. Before the class I created several blogs where my theme was my random thoughts. I wrote about whatever I felt at that moment. I found myself writing about my personal life and giving advice, and even going so far as trying to give relationship advice. That was a big mistake on my part. Even though I feel you can learn from other people’s mistakes, due to my circumstances I wasn’t in a place give advice.

In the end I deleted all my blogs because I felt they were pointless. When I took  Writing for the Blogoshpere I wanted my  theme  to be a subject I knew about. I wanted to give advice, but at the same time not be too preachy or judgmental. I actually thought about writing about hair before, but decided against it because of the other blogs written about black hair. I finally decided to write about hair because, besides the fact that I know a lot about it, I love African-American hair from permed to locs.  I find that because more women are accepting natural (I don’t have any stats, just from my observation), maybe somehow they will stumble upon my blog and find some useful information and keep coming back.


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