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Celebrating a Half of Century Life

29 Aug

So far 2011 has been a great year.  My brother just started college as I’m about to graduate from college this December, my dad celebrated is 50th birthday (or as I like to call it his half a century birthday), and apparently Beyoncé is pregnant. For my father’s birthday, we went to Bailey’s Grille in Cedar Hill, Texas; a comfortable atmosphere with tasty food and affordable price. My family and I had a great time, except for the random wedding reception in the middle of the restaurant. We could not figure out the reason the reception was not held in a private room, but everyone has there own preferences.

The hairstyle I tried to emulate this week is the Braid-up from Chescalocs. Instead of braids I  wanted to do twist, but came up with a different hairstyle. I will be posting some steps to get this look. Leave any questions in the comments or email at afrohaircentrik@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!